Schreiner’s Iris Garden In Salem Oregon

Schreiner's Iris GardenThe Willamette Valley in the Pacific Northwest region is more than just a gastronomic destination. It is also home to thousands of bearded irises in a plethora of colors and varieties. Visit the Schreiner’s Iris Garden in the central Willamette Valley located north of Salem, Oregon, and experience the magic that this stunning 100-acre garden has to offer.

Schreiner’s Iris Garden is a family-owned business that has welcomed tens of thousands of visitors every year since its inception in 1920. It features a stunning display garden and an alluring walking field that will take your breath away each time you visit. With the large number of awards that they have received over the years, you can ensure that visiting this magical garden would be worth all your time and effort. Iris is a symbol of royalty and walking in a field of a thousand irises is a regal experience that you should not miss when in Salem.

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Schreiner’s Iris Gardens, 3625 Quinaby Rd NE, Salem, OR 97303