Mexican Food – From Steak To Ceviche

The popularity of Mexican food is not new to most American consumers; in fact, the Mexican food is one of the most popular American foods, and for good reason. Mexican food is considered to be an authentic style of cooking, much different from the typical Americana style of cooking. Many people do not realize that the history of the Mexican food goes way back before the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico. The Aztecs were the ones to introduce corn into their diet, as well as other forms of grains such as wheat and barley.

Although the Aztecs are the most common culture in the history of the Aztec Empire, they did not succeed in conquering the entire country of Mexico. In fact, they only ruled a portion of the country and left the rest of it under native control. As the Spanish colonizers entered Mexico, they brought with them the typical styles of cooking. Unfortunately, these same styles of cooking were then used by the native peoples as well, resulting in the mixture that we know today of Mexican food. Because of this, you can probably understand why so many Americans have a negative view of Mexican food.

Luckily, much of the bad press about Mexican food is unwarranted. The truth is that Mexican food is actually very tasty, with a wide variety of spices and cheeses to add to it. Furthermore, you will not find any animal products (such as pork or beef) in most Mexican cuisine. While certain dishes may use such products occasionally, you will find them more often in beverages, desserts, and most other Mexican food dishes.