Mexican cuisine is a form of cuisine that originated in Mexico and is renowned for its vivid flavours and beautiful presentation. Many Mexican dishes include rice, beans, tortillas, and a large variety of spices, as well as beef, pork, shrimp, and a variety of peppers. Mexican recipes differ by country, but much of the same initial concepts can be found today all over the world. Mexican cuisine is known for the use of a lot of grease and fat, rendering it one of the fattest cuisines in the country.

While authentic Mexican food may be unhealthy, there are plenty of healthier Mexican recipes to choose from. Grease, which is normally a necessity when creating dishes with tortillas, is one element that can quickly be substituted. Many Mexican dishes, such as taquitos, tacos, and even tostadas, call for frying tortillas. Although the fried tortillas are typically the most important part of the dish, frying them in oil contributes unhealthy fat and calories. Instead of frying the tortillas, another choice is to use crispy tortillas to make soft tacos. Quesadillas and baked tortilla chips are two recipes that use tortillas but do not need them to be fried.

Another issue that may render Mexican food unsafe is the high salt content, which gives the food its distinctive taste. Excessive salt and salt-based spices should be avoided, but taste can also be achieved by using spicy chilli peppers and fresh vegetables like onions and bell peppers. Rice can be made with low sodium chicken broth instead of salt, and bean dishes can be made with fresh ingredients.

Milk, as well as other high-fat dairy items including cheese and sour cream, is a popular ingredient in Mexican cuisine. While dairy products are essential in many popular recipes, they can be replaced with low-fat or fat-free alternatives to reduce fat intake. Based on the volume of milk and other dairy items contained in the bowl, using low-fat milk instead of whole milk will decrease caloric consumption by about half.

Eggs are a popular ingredient in a variety of breakfast dishes, and although they are nutritious, many egg recipes are high in fat and calories. Whole eggs, oil, assorted salsas, and fried tortillas are used to make Huevos Rancheros, a common dish around the world. Instead of using entire shells, egg whites can be substituted, and tortillas can be baked rather than fried in oil. Salt and seasonings may be replaced with fresh salsas and peppers, and the dish would always taste fantastic.